Breaking the Vegan Stereotype One Passion at a Time!

Welcome to The Herbivore Next Door, the heart of a community where fashion meets compassion. Our mission with “The Herbivore Next Door” is to spark conversations, break the vegan stereotype, and let your unique Personal-tee shine through. Browse through our collections of vegan shirts and gifts and find your individual voice to tell the world that you are The Herbivore Next Door!

What's Your Vegan Personali-tee?

Tired of the typical vegan stereotypes? It's time to change the conversation. The Personali-Tees collection showcases the diverse personalities of the herbivore community. Show the world your unique vegan identity and start a new conversation!

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  • Victoria Moran Vegan

    Victoria Moran

    Main Street Vegan Academy

  • Justina Adorno Actress

    Justina Adorno


  • emma schwarz international vegan film festival - vegan shirt

    Emma Schwarz

    Veganography Films, IVFF

  • plant-built powerlifter

    Brittany Billings

    Award-Winning Powerlifter

  • vegan for the animals shirt

    JR Dahman

    Me & Uke, THND

  • heather dahman - vegan shirt

    Heather Dahman

    THND, UnchainedTV

  • ste martaen vegan food


    Ste Martaen

  • Herbivore

  • Herbivore

  • Angela Crawford

    Vegan Lifestyle Coach

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